Currently, the process of providing services to all CTL Group clients is going well. Domestic as well as cross-border transport of goods, services in the ports of Gdańsk and Gdynia and on several strategic sidings for the economy of companies are monitored and our services work 24 hours a day so that processes are not disturbed.

We analyze the situation up to date and, if necessary, we are ready to take adequate decisions coordinated with the recommendations of state authorities, in particular health care institutions.

For now:

  • We identify hazards on journeys on all borders on an ongoing basis where transport is carried out by drivers from PL and CTL Gmbh (risk minimization)
  • We are in constant contact with regional emergency management teams throughout Poland and the Railway Emergency Management Department in Warsaw in the field of freight train travel and cooperation with government administration.
  • We have launched the Emergency Management Team at the CTL Group, which coordinates activities throughout the CTL Group and, if necessary, cooperates with central and local government administration.
  • We reorganized the teams in terms of the ability to remotely work so that most key employees work until further notice at home
  • We provided our team with a full range of technical means and IT services necessary to maintain constant communication and work in a remote mode.

Time is difficult and unique for everyone. However, we are ready to implement all services rendered and we will do everything in our power to make you feel our support and exceptional mobilization during this period.