Intermodal transport in CTL Logistics is developing very intensively. The segment shows a continuing positive trend with high growth dynamics. Unfortunately, the pandemic slightly has slowed down our plans, although we are still successively receiving platform wagons to meet market expectations and continue to increase the share of intermodal transport in the revenue structure. And how the share of intermodal transport in the transport structure of the CTL Logistics Group has changed is clearly visible when comparing the current July data with those from July 2018 and 2019. Two years ago, we handled 12 intermodal trains in July, 41 in the next year, 2019, and 140 in 2020! Currently, intermodal trains account for approx. 20% of all trains serviced by us, for comparison in July 2019 it was less than 6%.


Przemysław Palonka, Member of the Management Board of CTL Logistics, Development Director of the CTL Logistics Group:

Undoubtedly, the future belongs to this type of transport - also in the context of the potential development of rail transport on the new Silk Road, within the Polish sea ports - domestic and foreign land terminals. The forecasted further development of intermodal transport, retrofitting with the necessary equipment and experience in the implementation of international, complex intermodal transport, for example to Hamburg or Bremerhaven, allows us to realistically assess our chances on this market. Over the last year, we have been working intensively on establishing new and tightening relations with leading intermodal operators in Poland and Europe. We operate the northern European transport corridor, i.e. the connection of the ports in Gdańsk and Gdynia with key container terminals located inside the country. In addition to transport activities in the territory of the country, we offer customers a full range of services on the border with Belarus, in the Czech Republic, and thanks to our own company with a transport license in Germany, we can also work on connections to and from German ports, Belgium and the Netherlands also remain open. The dual-purpose locomotives, loco drivers with cross-border licenses and the necessary experience are a great opportunity to be a significant player on the Central European market. Thanks to intensive activities and cooperation with our company CTL SRO, as well as starting cooperation with one of the largest intermodal operators on the Czech market - we are also more and more noticeable on the southern markets and we hope that we will also soon be the first-choice carrier there when it comes to transport intermodal.