✔home office for most employees

✔these workers at the main office – temperature testing , distances, personal protective equipment

✔these workers what are on duty, on the tracks: personal protective equipment, commuting to / from work without public transport

✔Traditional correspondence at 90 Długa Street in Sosnowiec - please limit yourself to electronic mines, address: info@ctl.eu

✔ domestic and cross-border transport of goods, services in ports and over a dozen sidings monitored, and our services work 24 hours a day to serve customers

✔ Constant contact with the Regional  Emergency Management Department throughout Poland and the Railway Emergency Management Department in Warsaw in the organization of freight train travel ✔ The CTL Group Emergency Management Department coordinates the activities of the Group by cooperating, if necessary, with government and self-government administration.

Time is unique for everyone, we keep the current restrictions, mobilization and go on