CTL Logistics acquired two modern Dragon 2 locomotives - They are real dragons. - that's how the train drivers praise the new locomotives.


At the beginning of 2019, the CTL Logistics rolling stock park was powered by two new Dragon 2 locomotives. These vehicles were delivered to CTL Logistics pursuant to the Agreement signed in July 2018 with Newag S.A. Both locomotives were picked up and put into service on 10th January. The acquisition of these vehicles is one of the elements improving the service quality provided by the carrier.

The Dragon 2 locomotives will be used primarily in the northern part of Poland, including on routes leading to Szczecin, Police, Gdańsk and Warsaw. The freight carrier announces that the vehicles will be used to drive heavy freight trains. - They're made for that. Their main advantages are, among others, very high pulling power, effective anti-slip system, individual drive for each axle and reduction of energy losses. They have rightly been called "Dragon" - they are real dragons among electric locomotives. - assesses Andrzej Pawłowski, Member of the Board of CTL Logistics.

The investments in Dragon locomotives are not the only recent investments in CTL Logistics. In 2019, 6 BR232 locomotives purchased in 2018 will go on track. The period of systematic involvement of these vehicles is to start in March and end in December 2019. Increasing the number and improving the availability of locomotives is one of the goals of CTL Logistics, which will reflect to the service quality being offered. The Dragons increase our competitiveness. The locomotives acquired will certainly improve the quality of service provided to our existing customers and will enable establishing cooperation with new ones - announces Grzegorz Bogacki, President of the Company. - CTL Logistics has been in the group of five largest freight carriers in the country for years. Without any investment in rolling stock and process optimization, we could not boast of such a stable and established position. - indicates President Bogacki.