Krzysztof Pietrzyk, President of the Management Board of CTL Logistics Gmbh:

ÔÇťOur presence on the German market together with the home market of CTL Logistics in Poland, on the one hand, multiplies business opportunities, but above all significantly extends the average mileage of trains, which increases profitability. In railways, it is one of the pillars of efficiency. Another one is a well-configured locomotive fleet. We have their various configurations. The newest Vectrons are dedicated only to CTL GmbH transport with vehicle approvals for Germany and Austria. The same applies to the third generation Bombardier TRAXX locomotive AC3 with the "Last Mile" option, series BR187 No. 308. We only operate these locomotives in Germany. In Poland, we operate two-system TRAXX BR 186 DAPL locomotives. They can run freely on the German, Austrian and Polish infrastructure while handling joint orders within the CTL Group ÔÇŁ.

CTL GmbH specializes in the transport of petroleum products and chemicals, containers and steel, including the transport of long rails. It also carries out the transport of other goods, serving customers both throughout Germany, as well as from and to Poland, France, the Czech Republic and the Benelux countries.

It maintains a dozen or so electric locomotives of various types in linear traffic, including Bombardier Traxx AC3 "Last Mile" locomotives, which are used for the final delivery of loads from public infrastructure directly to the customer's infrastructure. CTL Logistics GmbH also has diesel locomotives: shunting V90 type and line-shunting Vossloch type G1206. Having adequate material resources and many years of experience, the Company provides shunting services, among others, in Frankfurt (Oder) for freight trains of other carriers, as well as shunting operation of electric locomotives at the Frankfurt Oderbruecke border station. It also carries out shunting works in the river port of Hanau.

At present, CTL GmbH carries out the process of fleet replacement for existing and future contracts in order to offer comprehensive, most effective solutions for customers. MRCE (Mitsiu Rail Capital Europe) locomotives, which have supplied the Company's fleet in recent days, guarantee the achievement of the highest operational availability rates for the rolling stock.