Almost 500 employees of the CTL Logistics Group will undergo a security training and instruction in 2019. From now on, CTL Logistics loco drivers will also train on a mobile train simulator.


The employee involvement and their correct decisions affect the safe daily running of dozens of freight trains. In 2019, almost 500 employees of the CTL Logistics Group, who are responsible for the preparation and running of trains on a daily basis, will participate in cyclical instructions. They are loco drivers, loco drivers-instructors, railway auditors, setters and shunters. CTL staff thanks to regular training with experienced instructors, consolidates knowledge and practices the rules of operation in difficult situations.

- The safety is one of CTL Logistics' priorities. Every day, the employees operate several dozen trains. Professional knowledge, experience and training are necessary for this. Every employee is properly prepared to perform their duties, and constant improvement of their qualifications directly contributes to the safety improvement. Now they will be able to practice on a modern railway vehicle simulator, consolidating the proper conduct in dozens of standard situations that can happen in everyday work - says Grzegorz Bogacki, President of the Management Board of CTL Logistics.

The simulator also allows you to check the behavior of loco drivers and develop appropriate responses in unusual situations that loco drivers may not have encountered in their current work. The simulator will serve both its own employees and it will be possible for the Company to provide services to other entities in the industry. The fact that it was built on the car allows you to reach every employee at every railway node without having to involve employees in time-consuming commuting.

The purchase of a simulator is not the only training activity of the Company. CTL builds its own training competences primarily based on the train training center created in 2018. During the classes conducted at the center, CTL employees acquire theoretical and then practical knowledge necessary in the loco driver's profession. The two-year training cycle for future loco drivers is an alternative to rail vocational training. Working at the Company, you can simultaneously expand your competences and gain new qualifications, e.g. by moving from railway auditor, setter to loco driver. Despite the short history, the training center has trained or is currently training about 30 future CTL Logistics loco drivers.