On 1st February 2022, the President of the Office of Rail Transport issued a decision to discontinue the entire administrative procedure regarding the withdrawal of the Security Certificate to the company CTL Logistics Sp. z o.o .

As a result of the company's inspection carried out in September 2021, irregularities in the application of the Safety Management System were found. As a result, administrative proceedings were initiated ex officio to withdraw the Security Certificate entirely .

Grzegorz Bogacki, President of the Management Board of CTL Logistics:

“The Company applied for discontinuation of the proceedings, considering that in the course of the control conducted in the Company, no violations were found, the significance of which would entail the need to withdraw the Company's security certificate in its entirety. Therefore, in our opinion, conducting the proceedings was redundant. Nevertheless, over the last few months we have been cooperating very intensively on the line between the Company and the Railway Transport Office in order to remove the identified irregularities and ensure the highest possible level of transport safety. Each inspection by the President of UTK is an opportunity for us to improve the safety management systems on the railroad."

As President Bogacki emphasizes:

“2020 was the safest year in the history of CTL Logistics. In 2021, we implemented modern software for managing operational processes related to rail transport. The irregularities included in the control report mainly related to errors in the train documentation, which was caused, among others, by the period of stabilization of the implemented IT system. Each IT system needs several months to stabilize after it is launched. This is the time to remove possible mistakes and improve everything that was not detected at the testing stage. For the Company, it was a technological revolution, which cost us a lot of post-control nerves, but it was worth it

- adds Grzegorz Bogacki.

Among the initiatives to increase the level of safety, the Company also decided to launch a project to install alcohol interlocks in traction vehicles. "The lack of effective supervision over the psychophysical condition of employees employed in the Company before being allowed to perform activities in locations other than Sosnowiec was one of the charges of the inspectors,"

reminds President Bogacki, adding:

"We say definitely NO to behaviors that may pose a direct threat to life and health. Therefore, despite the lack of precise regulations on sobriety control, we test breathalyzers on locomotives. We hope that the system will work, will find the expected understanding among employees and nomen omen ... we will blaze the trails to make the above-mentioned locks have also become the norm for increasing the level of security in other companies in the industry. "

In the decision of the President of the Office of Rail Transport we read:

“The President of UTK, after performing a comprehensive analysis of the evidence gathered in the case (...), recognized that the corrective and preventive actions taken by CTL Logistics resulted in the elimination of irregularities constituting the basis for initiating administrative proceedings. (...). In the opinion of the President of UTK, the corrective and preventive actions taken so far ensure proper supervision over the risk related to the transport activity by CTL Logistics. Thus, there are currently no premises obliging the Authority to withdraw the safety certificate in its entirety. Therefore, it should be concluded that the administrative procedure to withdraw the certificate in its entirety has become redundant due to the lack of the subject of the case ”.

The security certificate is a document confirming the establishment by a railway undertaking of a safety management system and the ability to meet the safety requirements contained in the technical specifications for interoperability and other provisions of Community law and national law. Moreover, it entitles the carrier to access the railway infrastructure and provide traction services.