On 21st April during the first day of the TOGETAIR Climate Summit, on the eve of the World Earth Day, CTL Logistics and PKP Energetyka signed letters of intent thanks to which the carrier joins the Zielona Kolej Program [Green Railway Program]. The aim of the cooperation is the transition of CTL Logistics to energy from renewable energy, which will be used both to power trains and to the carrier's infrastructure.

The Green Railway is a program created by the industry initiative of the Railway Energy Efficiency Center (CEEK), in which both companies operate. Its ambition is to move the railway sector to power from renewable sources in 85% by 2030 and 100% ultimately. This year, the Program has entered the implementation phase - successively covering railway companies that are actively joining the challenge of transforming railways into the first transport mode, almost fully powered by solar and wind energy.

As Grzegorz Bogacki, CEO of CTL Logistics says, "we had no doubts that the Railway Energy Efficiency Center is a project that will quickly bring real solutions for the ecology and thus the future of railways. This solution is the Green Railway Program. Active participation in this Program is the responsibility of every active participant in the transport market. The railways face many challenges, such as the modernization of infrastructure or increasing the capacity of terminals. We, as carriers, have no influence on all of them. Fortunately, thanks to the Green Railway, we can decide on the type of energy that powers our trains. Involvement in eco-rail is our contribution to the implementation of the country's climate and energy policy and to increasing the competitiveness of railways as a means of transport ”.

The carrier is already materializing the eco-strategy in its CTL Logistics GmbH company. The foreign branch of CTL performs transport operations mainly using electric locomotives, and also offers its services using green energy. As a result, the trust of customers and their loyalty to eco-business partners increases. “Now is the time to take decisive actions to reduce CO2 emissions on the Polish market. We focus on increasing the share of energy from renewable sources by producing green energy by our Group companies as well as gradually increasing its share in the structure of energy supplies for CTL Logistics. Our goal is to achieve min. 30% of green energy in the supply structure by 2022, and in subsequent years, its increase at the level of approx. 20-30% annually, which guarantees min 80% of green energy by 2025. The Green Railway program fits perfectly into the market trends and we are happy that we will be able to be eco-friendly in Poland as well, ”says Grzegorz Bogacki.

Under the signed agreements, CTL Logistics and PKP Energetyka will cooperate in the form of a long-term contract, which will allow to generate an appropriate amount of renewable energy using technologically innovative solutions, to supply trains with the CTL Logistics logo. In addition, the companies will cooperate to install PV installations on the Carrier's premises and buildings, which will power buildings, sidings and other infrastructure, which will contribute to the achievement of the goal: an emission-neutral railway company.

The same goal is pursued by PKP Energetyka in its Strategy 2021-2030, which this year will complete the project of building PV panels on all its traction substations. “We started with ourselves because we are a carbon footprint company and we want to minimize our environmental footprint within 10 years. We share our experience with our clients. The railway industry is becoming a true leader in supporting the achievement of climate goals. Not only are we the most effective means of transport, but we also take specific steps to be environmentally neutral. We believe that our actions will make the train a means of first choice for passengers and companies transporting their goods, ”says Wojciech Orzech, president of PKP Energetyka.