The first edition of the ranking of the 300 Best Polish Employers - Poland's Best Employers 2021 is a ranking that has not been available in Poland so far. The employees themselves were asked to answer the question of who is the best employer in Poland. They assessed their employers in an anonymous survey, thanks to which the actual quality of the places offered was examined. More than 10,000 employees took part in the survey by completing a special questionnaire, giving almost ... 160,000 recommendations!

Grzegorz Bogacki, President of the Management Board of CTL Logistcs:

I am careful regarding all kinds of rankings, summaries and awards. Many of them have been significantly devalued over the years, the formula of many is not very clear to me ... The list of Poland's Best Employers 2021 is, however, unique because, according to the information of the organizers, employees in an anonymous manner expressed their opinion about us comfortably, without pressure or embellishing, about the company, indirectly about the people managing it.

Such a distinction confirms the rightness of the path we have chosen. This study concerned the year 2020, i.e. the time of the pandemic, where we had to make a number of difficult investment decisions, but also directly hitting employees. The entire CTL Logistics team had temporarily limited salaries while maintaining full-time work, we also did not make payments from the Social Fund - all this could be the proverbial "nail in the coffin" but it was not. What influenced the global survey as much as 70% of employees indicate the importance of remuneration? It is difficult for me to answer definitely.

For me personally and I think that for many employees it is very important to open communication to all employees, face-to-face meetings, mailing, Intranet - it was not and is not possible that any of the administrative employees or those serving on the tracks lacked information. Another - the open-door policy which was and is - what's troubling you, what’s hurting you, what is your problem, what you like - we know everything from our team that comes with it. Comfort of work, flexibility - wherever possible, remote, hybrid work has been maintained for a year. Anyway, before the pandemic, we had a regulated remote work mode and it was possible to use this solution. Looking at the criteria and reading about the details of the questionnaire, a controversial topic appeared, i.e. wages. At CTL, salaries are in line with what the market offers, we do not stand out from competing companies and we approach changes in salaries individually. In addition, all employees can take advantage of private medical care which is fully financed. For a year, access to dozens of specialists or simply an internist has been an invaluable privilege of those who have private care. Also group, preferential insurance rates are important because the sense of security is extremely important in these very turbulent times.

But whatever the times, in my opinion, CTL Logistics is a very good place on the professional path for everyone and I am glad that my employees share this subjective opinion. Thank you and I invite those who are looking for their friendly, good, professional place in the logistics industry.


Joanna Michalik-Kamracka, HR Department Director:

We don't know who filled in the questionnaire, but it doesn't really matter, because all employees are the most important to us, and in the Department I manage in particular. My team consists of wonderful girls who were and are at the disposal of every employee, they offer advice and help not only on purely professional topics, but also provide support in difficult life situations. Professionalism, good atmosphere, empathy, openness, quick response to the needs of both Employers and Employees - this is the key to success. We listen to the voices of employees, we analyze, draw conclusions and implement. One of such flagship activities in the recent period is the Development Academy, a training project in a completely new version based on internal training for employees by employees. Participants learn, expand their competences and knowledge by drawing from their colleagues who activate their potential.

Last but not least, that is our Social Partners who approach the challenges that arise with understanding. We often differ in details, but what guides both sides in the never-ending dialogue is always the employee's good. And thank you for that. And I am glad that we are part of Poland's Best Employers 2021.

A few more information about Poland's Best Employers 2021

The award was granted on the basis of the following assessment criteria:

  • Direct recommendation, i.e. the willingness of employees to recommend their employer.
  • Indirect recommendation, i.e. the willingness of employees to recommend other employers from the industry in which they are currently employed.
  • In addition, respondents assessed their employers on issues such as remuneration, working time, promotion and development opportunities, conditions and equipment for working in the office and remote work.

Additionally, the respondents expressed their opinion on several dozen statements describing the activities of their employer in seven main areas:

  • Image and growth
  • Development and prospects
  • Relationship between employees and management
  • Wages
  • Working conditions and equipment
  • Sustainable development
  • Workload

There was also the coronavirus and pandemic context and the evaluation of three statements:

  • We stay together in crisis situations;
  • In crisis situations, the employer takes into account the personal situations of employees;
  • Remote work equipment is satisfactory.

According to Forbes Polska, the ranking will be continued in the future, so we stay on the chosen course and hope to improve our position next year.