The Congress is an important part of the public debate about the Polish and European economy and thanks to the remote and hybrid formula it extends the scope of its influence. The event is 100% available. on the Internet, will be held on the originally planned date of the Congress on May 24-25. The online version of the Congress will be filled with live broadcasts, presentations, talks and online debates dedicated to the economy, which, while rebuilding itself, is looking for answers to questions about the future.

Among the experts invited to the Congress is Grzegorz Bogacki, President of the Management Board of CTL Logistics, who on the second day of the Congress will take part in the debate "Direction - green transport. Railway cargo ”.

Grzegorz Bogacki, CEO:

“The railway has many challenges ahead, such as modernizing the infrastructure or increasing the capacity of terminals. We, as carriers, have no influence on all of them. Fortunately, thanks to the Green Railway, we can decide on the type of energy that powers our trains. Involvement in eco-rail is our contribution to the implementation of the country's climate and energy policy and to increasing the competitiveness of railways as a means of transport. In addition to reducing CO2, ecological railways can generate additional traffic in both passenger and cargo sections and positively influence the revival of this mode of transport. The Green Railway is the only right direction for the future and for all of us ”.