The second edition of the conference 'Intermodal in Poland: North and South' conference took place on 6-8 September. Once again, Szczecin was chosen as the venue for a meeting on the most important issues in intermodal transport and logistics.

The rail transport sector in Poland has undergone significant changes in recent years, with changes in the directions of transport and the types of goods transported. Intermodal transport and the growing importance of Polish Baltic ports play an important role in the development of rail freight and the entire logistics industry in our country.

The INTERMODAL IN POLAND NORTH-SOUTH conference included debates on the role of seaports in intermodal transport in Poland and the EU, the importance of intermodal transport in the process of developing sustainable transport and the impact of the macroeconomic and geopolitical situation on the functioning of supply chains. The discussions were attended by experts and entrepreneurs from the TSL sector, representatives of public administration and port authorities, as well as industry associations involved in the functioning of supply chains.

According to Lukasz Grzesło, President of CTL Logistcs s.r.o. and a participant in the debate "The importance of seaports in intermodal transport in Poland and the EU", the conference was of a very high standard.

And what are the lessons from the debates for rail operators?

Łukasz Grzesło:

"We are pleased that CTL Logistics Group has accurately predicted that the importance of the western north-south corridor, connecting the ports of Szczecin and Świnoujście with Silesia and the Polish-Czech border, will grow rapidly. CTL Logistics trains run almost daily on the scenic and fast route along the Oder. This trade corridor shows that rail freight can compete effectively with road transport in Poland".

We would like to thank for the invitation and congratulate them on the choice of the conference theme, as well as for the opportunity to visit the Port of Szczecin for a study tour. See you next year in the shadow of the majestic Craneosaurs😊.