A transformational project resulting in the digitalisation of business processes, cost management and the evolution towards a data-driven organisation was shortlisted for the Final.

Transformation has demonstrated the tangible benefits of innovation in rail logistics achieved by the company through the digitalisation and automation of support and logistics processes. The key objectives of the project focused on structuring and digitising processes, implementing an entire ecosystem of solutions, including an integrated railway IT system with external integrations, electronic workflows, a business intelligence system, mobile devices for field staff, sensor-based monitoring of rolling stock and employee communication solutions.

Grzegorz Bogacki, CEO of CTL Logistics:

"It is with great pride and pleasure that we received the news of our nomination for the DEA 2023 Award in the Strategic Digital Perspective category. For us, this extraordinary award is a confirmation that our commitment to the development of technology and innovation in the field of rail transport has not only borne fruit, but has also been recognised by a wider group of experts. Undoubtedly, we are pioneers, because while the passenger market is characterised by huge investments, modern rolling stock and support at all levels, the rail freight market is neither as subsidised nor as widely appreciated. And it is worth mentioning that over 20 million tonnes of goods are transported on Polish tracks every month for every industry, de facto for every one of us".

In order to effectively manage its deliveries and improve its operations, the company adopted a digital strategy a few years ago. In today's world, where the dynamic evolution of technology poses new challenges to everyone, adopting a digital perspective is becoming a key element of success.

Adam Lach, IT Director:

"The key idea behind CTL's digital transformation has been to implement ICT solutions that provide rapid access to operational management information, enabling the organisation to make effective decisions. As a result, we have not only been able to improve rail operations, but also offer new, more efficient and reliable logistics services to our customers and improve the quality of customer service."

CEO Bogacki adds:

"We believe that digitalisation is not only a tool to streamline processes, but also the key to creating new opportunities. It allows our company to look boldly into the future, ready for further challenges and innovations that will allow us to strengthen our position in the rail freight industry. I believe we will be able to operate even more efficiently and effectively".

The main objectives of the project focused on structuring and digitising processes and improving customer service, which involved the implementation of a whole ecosystem of solutions, including an integrated RailSoft railway IT system with external integrations (SEPE), electronic document workflows (Ascent system), a business intelligence system (Qlik), mobile devices for field staff, rolling stock monitoring with IoT sensors and an Intranet system for communicating with employees.

The award ceremony for the Digital Excellence Awards 2023 took place on 17 November at Służewiec Racecourse.

Monika Bogacka-Czerneńko, CTL Group Purchasing Director:

"It was a truly exciting evening with Digital Excellence. To be able to participate in it as a finalist was a great honour for us. Together with Adam Lach - IT Director, we have been promoting our Company's digitisation project for the past months and presenting it in front of the Jury of the competition. To be in such a group, with such brands, and above all among the mega-professionals of the CIONET community is something we are proud of. During our discussions with the Jury of the competition, we argued that the maturity of CTL's individual business areas has increased significantly, to the extent that they have become the initiators of further changes in IT systems. Today, business employees, actively identify areas for optimisation and automation, which has become a hallmark of the innovation culture in our company, which constantly strives to improve and adapt to dynamically changing market conditions."

We would like to thank and congratulate all the honourable mentions and award winners!